About us & our Gympie flowers

Where you can stop and smell the roses and only feel better for it!

First and foremost, our Gympie florist would be nothing without our Gympie flowers - grown right here! To provide pure and healthy flowers to our community, we allow the "perpetual motion" of the created order to take care of itself, by not spraying chemicals. This way, destructive bugs (to plants and flowers) can be the essential food source for "good bugs" and native birds - the way they're meant to be. This way, they don't have time to be destructive.

In modern life, we overlook insects as mostly a nuisance, however, they're vital for sustaining life on this planet! "Report claims 400,000 insect species face extinction amid heavy use of pesticides." - the Guardian.

In extreme terms, no insects = no people, they're that important. From fuzzy bees and elegant dragonflies, to shiny green frogs - they all love it here. The gardens hum, flutter and hop with life! Growing our Gympie flowers in sync with nature is not just a wonderful thing to behold, it's a wonderful thing for the health of you, me, the birds and the bees!

Every beautiful bouquet from our Gympie florist has contributed to this beautiful cycle of life. We genuinely thank you for making a difference when you choose Flora Joy florist. You make this possible, and we're so grateful for you!


smelling naturally pure flowers can only do good.


Growing nature's way, for helping nature's wildlife!


Organic flowers, for safe garnishing on cakes!

Eco Friendly

Spray free flowers, for happy soil, water & air!

Where our Gympie Flowers transform into art

The actual, physical "bricks & mortar" part of our florist is located at our home and organic farm, just past the Chatsworth school, North Gympie. With so much time going into producing our Gympie flowers, we have yet to have the pretty portico we've designed put over the florist door, to say, "Here's the florist!" Our goal is for your visit here, to order or collect your Gympie flowers, to be the most delightful part of your day! The first two images show the customer counter, which looks straight into our creative studio work space. This means, if you come early to pick up your flowers, you can see us arrange them! When the shop is stocked with blooms, it's quite a lovely view and fragrance, too.

You probably notice, below, our business cards (flower-care instructions on the reverse) still say "Gympie Farm Flowers." Since we're keeping that as the end of our name, we're using them up, instead of tossing them out. But we can't wait to start using our "Flora Joy" cards. They feel so much more like us and what we do ... and provide! 🙂


Flora Joy is a florist on a mission to provide our community with gorgeous and naturally pure Gympie flowers and gifts. Living on 20 acres, we started growing organic flowers in Chatsworth, North Gympie, for our home-based florist in 2021. 

The organic mini flower farm we created not only supplies our florist with safe blooms, it feeds & shelters local frogs, bugs, birds & bees. We have 40+ rose bushes, for fragrant treasures in your bouquets, and we never use sprays or other chemicals, so that your flowers are as healthy for you as they look. 

We can talk flowers for hours, so we're enthusiastic to help, when you call our Gympie florist and explain the occasion or your floral ideas. We don't expect you to know about flowers - you want to brighten someone's day, and that's what we're here to help you do! It's our privilege to be the means by which you show you care, with the most beautiful things on the planet, in their purest available form!

Belinda, Gympie florist and flower farmer
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A gallery of our eco-friendly Gympie flowers

Being a home-based florist means we can accommodate special requirements, such as extra late or very early order collections. Sometimes you only have time outside of business hours. We're happy to work-in with you, so you can collect your Gympie flowers when it suits you.

We look forward to providing you with Gympie flowers!

We're enthusiastic about flowers and floral design, so please do call us to discuss your occasion. You're not expected to be an expert on flower types or techniques - you want to show someone you care, and it's our honour to help you do that.

Megan & Belinda, of Flora Joy - Gympie Farm Flowers

“Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness.
If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.”
– Stevie Wonder