How Flora Joy is your Eco friendly Gympie florist

In terms of environmental care, just what makes a florist "eco friendly"

Our eco friendly Gympie florist is fueled with a love for nature and the pleasure of working with it. We all recognise that these marvels of nature are the highest embodiment of our deep feelings, by giving them to those we care about. It's only follows that we, in turn, care about the environmental impact of the flowers we source and work with.

Please note: this graph is only a generalisation. Each florist is nuanced. A traditional florist might use their granny's homegrown organic dahlias and roses. If a florist says they are an "eco florist," however, there is a good chance the middle box best describes their practices.

ALL florists do hard work in a risky business. Flowers that don't sell fast can't go on a special's table to eventually get your wholesale dollar back - those dollars must be thrown out. Risky indeed! We do not begrudge traditional florists. All florists are putting themselves out there, to have enough flowers stocked, so that when something happens to someone's love one, flowers are at-the-ready.

Ways our Eco friendly Gympie florist is like other eco florists

All florists who use the term "eco friendly" to describe their business would say similar things to us (below).

Australian only flowers

Australian flowers are sprayed with less pesticides and have NOT been fumigated, so they have a lighter chemical footprint. Their shorter transport also causes less pollution and carbon. 

Encourage eco products

Other Australian businesses with high quality, eco-friendly products are our first choice for our gift shop. We seek them out, to both support their efforts and provide you with nontoxic gift choices.

Plastic free flowers

Our vases come with no floral foam (many toxins), and our bouquets are wrapped in in plain brown or coloured paper. As such, our florist produces very little rubbish that has to go to the tip (most is composted).

In orther words, our Eco friendly Gympie florist is a sustainable florist

“Sustainability looks to protect our natural environment, human and ecological health, while driving
innovation and not compromising our way of life.”

Sustainable floristry is the way forward, because -

  1. The cut flower industry is one of the biggest users of pesticides worldwide, and pesticides are the major cause of the worrying decline of insects that pollinate food crops.
  2. The majority of flowers sold by Australian florists and flower markets, are imported, which contributes to a lot of resources, fuel, pollution and carbon emissions in transport.
  3. Imported flowers have a large chemical footprint, since they must be fumigated before being allowed into the country, and their country of origin likely permits even more toxins in their sprays (herbicide, insecticide, etc).
  4. Synthetic fertilisers are the cheapest and thus the most common fertiliser in industrial farming. Made from petrochemicals, it's a salt that kills soil life needed to stimulate plant roots, for healthy growth and resiliency against disease and bug attack. Using this one chemical means a farmer must then use more chemicals for better disease and pest resistance.
  5. Plastic - A lot of bouquets go out the florist door in poly-wrap, since paper requires care not to get wet.
  6. Floral foam, used by florists for decades - is a synthetic, non-biodegradable, single-use micro-plastic.

Things are slowly getting better, florist by florist. Demand drives the market, so the more customers ask florists for more local blooms (and less chemicals), the more florists will ask that of wholesalers and farmers. Eventually, cleaner blooms should be common!

How Flora Joy is your "extra" eco friendly Gympie florist

We strive to go beyond that of a regular eco florist or sustainable florist, to be a regenerative florist.
We want to do more than cause the least harm. We want to nurture nature and be guided by the way it was created to function.
Disclaimer: periodically, we sometimes buy-in some wholesale flowers so we have enough for orders. These are always 100% Australian grown, and we seek out South East Queensland flower farmers first and foremost. 

Supporting ecosystem health

Far from harming bugs with pesticides, organic flower-growing helps bug life, so they can pollinate food crops and feed wildlife. The natural circle of life is a miracle.

Supporting human health

Smelling organic flowers has no risk of breathing in petrochemicals. Flowers have always been a sort of tonic, and we strive to provide you with all the tonic you want! 😉

Beautiful & healthy gifting

True eco-friendly = naturally nontoxic, making eco & organic products caring gifts. We stock a larger-than-normal range, at the RRP, to make thoughtful gifting easy.

A note about bugs and eco friendly floristry

In short, bugs mean life! Protect the bugs!

The longer version is that, since eco friendly florist practices are becoming more widespread only in the past few years, we suspect and hope it is only the tip of the iceberg. If only for the sake of bugs, an eco florist in 5 or so years time hopefully means that they can easily source at least 50% organic flowers. Because, pesticides are proving detrimental to bees and other important insects needed for the circle of life.

The Guardian reports: "Bees may take generations to recover from one exposure to insecticides" HERE (just one way pesticides harm).

When you realise just how important the creepy crawlies are, you might fall in love with bugs, too! 😉

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