“You Pick” Flowers: How to Cut For the Best Value

Cottage bouquets

Picking cut flowers is a wonderful and rewarding activity. You want to get the most amount of quality blooms as possible, so here are some tips to help you pick the best flowers and fit the most in! 1. Choose the Right Time: 2. Use Clean Tools: 3. Select Flowers at the Right Stage: 4.…

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Insider Secret: How To Get Cheaper Flowers – Three Ways

Ruby Bouquets delivered to Gympie, by Flora Joy Florist

FLOWERS ARE EXPENSIVE. BUT WHY – AND HOW TO GET CHEAPER FLOWERS? Have you ever wondered why your favorite blooms don’t always make it into everyday bouquets for birthdays and special occasions? When we’re talking about getting cheaper flowers, are we meaning how to get the biggest bouquet of whatever, or to get our favourite…

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