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Eco Friendly | Organic | Non Toxic | Australian

Our Gympie gift shop sources organic &/or nontoxic products, for luxurious gifts with the goodness of premium, natural ingredients.

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Add a greetings' card

Giving a beautiful card by Typoflora makes double-ups highly unlikely, as they're not found just anywhere. Each is designed and printed in Australia with eco-friendly ink and card stock. Envelopes feature a gold embossed leaf on the flap.

Add a yummy gift

Eco friendly wine & bubbly with minimal preservatives. Organic chocolate made-to-order in small batches. Local raw & pure honey.

Add a body or bath gift

Spoil your loved one with all-natural bath & body gifts that only nourish. Nina Bailey is an expert at combining the most lovely floral essential oils for softly feminine fragranced skincare and perfumes. Divine body and bath treats!

Add a home or office gift

If there's anything on this page worth keeping for generations, it's the clothbound journal with gold page edges. The quality is from a bygone era, and an antique machine pressed the nameplate! Concerning synthetic fragrances that can induce headaches and breathing problems, we've sourced 100% non-toxic scents!

Add a sentimental keepsake

The softest, cuddliest bears & bunnies, and other keepsakes of your feelings, like the heart-shaped padlock - the key to your heart.

Add a gift hamper or gift bundle

Gift hampers are presented in a gift box with fabric ribbon tied into a gorgeous bow. Gift bundles have limited-time, discounted prices, presented as seen. To create your own hamper, add a $15 gift box to your cart, and we'll box up the gifts you purchase into it, with a big bow.

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A Little About the Gorgeous Brands in our Gympie Gift Shop

We've curated the finest selection of products for our little gift shop here in Gympie. In our pursuit of purity and luxury, we set out to discover and align with brands that share our commitment to nature-based ethics and quality of product. However, it wasn't just about ticking boxes; it was about supporting like-minded artisans who take pride in their craftsmanship.

We take immense pleasure in presenting to you a handpicked assortment of products from these ethical brands. They have poured their hearts into creating sumptuous, exquisite items that are more than just objects; they are tangible expressions of love and care.

Our dedication to these ethical brands ensures that the items we offer are not only a gift but a testament to thoughtfulness. So, when you choose a gift from our store, you're not just selecting a product; you're saying yes to beauty, quality, and ethical values.

At the centre of it all, we understand that gift-giving is a heartfelt gesture - a means of expressing love, gratitude and appreciation. We're here to enhance that experience, making it even more special and meaningful for you.

So, as you explore our delightful collection, know that each product has a story to tell, a journey of passion, and a commitment to a better world. We invite you to discover these treasures that have found an outlet in our little corner of Gympie, and we hope you find joy in sharing them with your loved ones.

Bespoke Letterpress in our Gympie gift shop

"We print the old fashioned way, using antique cast iron machines and printing on luxuriously thick paper and quality 100% linen, perfected over the years and made with love. Bespoke Letterpress is also committed to sustainability, sourcing environmentally friendly materials that are both recycled and recyclable." Founded in Brisbane and is now an internationally recognised brand! Bespoke Letterpress Website.

Nina Bailey in our Gympie gift shop

Body & bath products. "Nina Bailey is an ethical, cruelty-free brand. Our products are not harmful to humans, animals or the environment. We never test on animals. We are incredibly particular what ingredients go into our products. We only source premium ingredients that are natural and organic." Nina Bailey website.

Winnow Chocolates in our Gympie gift shop

"We are a small family run business operating from the Blue Mountains in NSW. Our chocolates are handmade in small batches from organic Belgian chocolate and beautifully packaged." Winnow Chocolates website.

Typoflora in our Gympie gift shop

"We are Typoflora; a floral inspired stationery design studio from Sydney, Australia. Combining our passion for beautiful flowers and illustrative design, we create delicately hand illustrated designs for those who share the love for botanicals ... Focused on sustainable practices, we produce in small batches and work with ethical suppliers in Australia wherever possible." Typoflora website.

So, Our Gympie Gifts Double as a Tonic (just like our flowers)

Our Gympie gift shop will deliver anything you choose, with or without flowers. Just spend over $50 here at Flora Joy florist. Rest assured that everything that's lovely to the eyes is just as lovely and pure to the senses. Beauty and purity doubles as a therapeutic, so your gift of joy lasts longer than the gift itself. In other words, gifts from Flora Joy are especially wonderful for "get well soon" and "welcome, baby!" gestures.

Whether you wish to give a gift with flowers or instead of flowers, we'll deliver either, or you're free to collect from the shop. We'll have your order ready to go!

Personalise your thoughtful gift with a full sized greeting's card, and, to top it off, gift wrapping, in luxury printed tissue paper, with bow, is available for a little extra.