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Please note that to provide this service legally, we can only include one bottle of wine per order.
Gift, flower and wine delivery to Gympie is available for orders over $50.

White Wines

Sauvignon Blanc - dry, tropical fruit, acid
Chardonnay - dry-ish, fruity, velvety
Pinot Grigio - dry, crisp, zesty acid

Red Wines

Pinot Noir - dry, fresh, soft
Shiraz - dry, fruity, velvety
Merlot - juicy, fruity, soft

Sparkling Wines

Blanc De Blancs - Brut (very dry)
Prosecco - Dry
Moscato - Sweeter

The Brand, for your Wine delivery to Gympie

The brand we provide for our wine delivery to Gympie is Tread Softly: an eco-friendly range with minimal preservatives. Tread Softly is a highly-rated contemporary range of wines seeking to deliver delicious, intensely flavoured wines that are naturally medium weighted and moderate in alcohol. By using more sustainable vineyard management and wine-making techniques to ensure their production has had a minimal impact to the environment, your delicious gift of wine is a gift to nature, too. Tread Softly also plants an Australian native tree for every 6pk sold! Not to mention, the bottles have beautifully understated floral designs.

White, Red, and Sparkling Wine Delivered to Gympie

But what makes them unique from each other

These are the general characteristics of all white, red and sparkling wines.

  • White wines - serve chilled. Often more tart and refreshing than red wine. For the most part, they have aromatic notes of paler fruit, citrus and even florals. White wine also tends to be lighter in body and alcohol content.
  • Red wines - serve barely-chilled or room temp. Dark fruit flavors, such as black plums and cherry. Has a lot more tannins than white wine, making them wonderful with rich savoury meals. Many reds are also aged in oak, adding even more depth of flavour and tannins. What are tannins, you may be wondering. It's a natural substance in oak [barrels] and grape skin, stalk & seed. A positive trait in red wine, higher tannins make a wine more expensive, as they add structure and boldness of flavour and allow a wine to be aged well. Those who dislike the bitterness, astringency, and mouth-drying effect of high tannins, however, might like the lower, softer tannins of our Tread Softly red wines.
  • Sparkling wines - can no longer be called champagne unless they're made in that region of France. Serve chilled. Sparkling wine is not white wine with carbonation - it's white wine that's been fermented differently, to create different flavors and natural effervescence. The bubbles (bead) of a good champayne-like sparkling wine should be fine, creating a creamy mouth feel and be long lasting, so that there's fizz to the last sip.
  • Bonus: Rose' wine - has been THE wine in France when the weather warms up, for centuries. Dry, fruity, flavoursome, refreshing, and a dreamy pale pink. We're thinking of being a little French and adding rose' to our shop (not yet available).

Let's break these down into types of each ... type, in the most simple, easy-to-understand fashion, post haste. You have someone in need of a treat!

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There are many more whites, reds and sparklings, but these are the wines delivered in Gympie, by Flora Joy

Our wine descriptions are super brief, just to save you hours & hours of internet scavenging and scrolling.

White Wines

Chardonnay – “Dry” but seems sweeter due to fruitiness of white nectarine. Velvety, with subtle oak & lime flavour. Lower acid.

Sauvignon blanc – Dry & tart with refreshing acid. Lemon fresh characteristics. Tropical fruit and green herbal flavors.

Pinot Grigio – Dry, light, fresh & crisp. Aromas of lemon, apple, and pear, with cleansing acidity.

Red Wines

Shiraz – Dry, bold, fruity palate of blackberry and dark plum, with delicious savoury notes.

Merlot – Semi-sweet, medium body, fruity and spicy. Cherry, raspberry, cedar & chocolate. So rich & soft, it is referred to as comforting.

Pinot noir – Dry, light, delicate, fresh & soft. Aromas of cranberry, cherry, raspberry, with dried leaf notes.

Sparkling Wines

Prosecco – Dry, light. fresh. Green apple, pear, white peach, lemon. Fine bubbles & creamy mouth feel. An Italian style "Champagne."

Blanc De Blancs – Extra dry (brut), crisp acidity. Citrus, pear, apple. Delicate, creamy mousse (bubble).

Moscato – Sweeter, softer. Fruity, floral, musk. Nice for non-wine drinkers to cheers & enjoy. Unlike champagne & has a screwtop. 

We hope our flower and wine delivery for Gympie service has helped you pick a wine that your recipient will love! Maybe you're now so curious about wines that appeal to you, that you'll want to try a different sip the next time you're out for dinner!

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$15 Flower and wine delivery for Gympie, Araluen, Bells Bridge, Banks Pocket, Chatsworth, Corella, Curra, Fisherman’s Pocket, Jones Hill, Glanmire, Monkland, Tamaree, Two Mile, Southside, Victory Heights.

You're welcome to add a gift to your Gympie wine delivery, instead of flowers