Eco Sparkling Wines, by Tread Softly


Tread Softly makes highly-rated, delicious wines from sustainably grown grapes, for a thoughtful gift for the person on your mind. Made with minimal preservatives and sealed in bottles that use less glass, for wine that’s better for us and the environment.

Prosecco (pro-sec-oh) is the way they did champagne in Italy. It’s dry, light and fresh, with aromas of green apple, pear, white peach and lemon. Bubbles give a creamy mouth feel, like champagne, and its fruit-forward characters can make it taste sweeter than it really is, all adding to its rocketing popularity in Australia.

Blanc De Blancs, is made from 100% chardonnay grapes – a main champagne grape. It’s dry and crisp, with a citrus-driven style. Other flavors of pear, apple, white flowers and, sometimes, minerality offer an elegant experience. Add to this, bright acidity and a delicate, creamy mousse, it’s easy to switch with $100+ champagne (from France).

Moscato (a fancy way of saying mosquito – moss-car-toe) is a lightly sparkling wine that’s refreshing and on the sweeter, softer side. It’s a lovely dessert wine or as a thoughtful gift, to let a non-wine-drinker celebrate with a “bubbly” they actually like. Perfect for 18th birthday cheers!