“You Pick” Flowers: How to Cut For the Best Value

Picking cut flowers is a wonderful and rewarding activity. You want to get the most amount of quality blooms as possible, so here are some tips to help you pick the best flowers and fit the most in!

1. Choose the Right Time:

  • Flowers are freshest in the early morning or late afternoon when they are best hydrated. Picking in the heat of the day means they may wilt quickly.
  • We only offer morning and twilight cutting events, in the warmer months, for this reason.
Cosmos at Gympie Farm Flowers
Cosmos are best cut when just opening, as they are short lived blooms

2. Use Clean Tools:

  • Ensure your pruning shears or scissors are sharp and clean. Clean cuts help the flowers absorb water more efficiently and reduces the risk of introducing bacteria. Bacteria is what clogs stems, so that the flower can’t drink. And flowers need to drink a lot.
How to pick zinnias – do the wiggle test before cutting

3. Select Flowers at the Right Stage:

  • Choose flowers that are in the right stage of development. Typically, flowers are best when they are just starting to open. This is so, for cosmos and sunflowers, however…
  • For zinnias, you want mature stems. To test, you give the the stem a wiggle to make sure it’s stiff and not wiggly. A wiggly or bendy stem will wilt once cut.
  • Dahlias should be cut at the exact stage you like them at, as they won’t open more in a vase.
Cottage garden style flowers are also very "us"
Big, luscious dahlias are best when put straight into water

4. Long Stem Length:

Once you’ve selected a flower you want, follow the stem down toward the main “trunk” of the plant and cut your stem. The ideal stem length is from your elbow to your fingertips. This is perfect for flower arranging and allows space around the flower-heads, even when you’ve squished as many stems as will fit in your jar!

5. Stick Stems Straight in Water:

This is especially important for hollow stems, such as dahlias. Avoid air in the stem, cutting and jumping them into your container right away. You’ll be rewarded with extra days of dahlia delights.

6. Remove Excess Foliage:

  • After cutting, strip the leaves and excess branches from the bottom half of your stems. This helps you fit a lot more flowers in your container. In the long term, keeping leaves out of vase water helps keep it clean, as leaves go slimy and rank.
Cottage bouquets
Mix a various array of flowers and create your own special, blooming occasion

7. Go In Pairs:

  • Have a friend hold your jar while you cut, and visa versa. Your teamwork will make it so much easier and avoid your water spilling out, if you put your bottle down, and it tips over.

8. Add Bleach to Vase Water at Home:

  • Sunflowers are “dirty flowers” in that their stems dirty the water and stunt the longevity of the flowers in that water. At home, add a tsp of bleach per 1 – 2 litres of vase water and change it every other day to counteract this. Even if you don’t pick sunflowers, this is a good practice for longer lasting blooms!
Large Joyful Bouquet in summer
The biggest flowers here are zinnias. Create your own bouquet!

9 Mix Flower Types:
– Enjoy creating interesting arrangements by mixing various types of flowers with different shapes, sizes, and colors.

You’ll love the process of selecting and arranging your own cut flowers; it’s a creative and satisfying activity that brings the beauty of nature into your home.

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Belinda Jones